This section will help you get a better understanding on how to solve common errors and problems users experience with installing free games

“Missing DLL error”

This type of error is very common among newcomers. Many people that install a game often don’t know they need DirectX or other programs. If you get a missing dll error when trying to run a game, make sure to download DirectX here

“Origin not Installed”

This type of error is extremely common and happens to the most of us. To solve this Origin is not installed error, you must disable your antivirus completely for the activation to be solved. When a antivirus software picks up the game as a ‘potential threat’ it removes the file that contains the crack to the game, thus causing the game to be broken. If you still get the error after you disabled your antivirus, make sure to also disable your windows defender, and/or change the location where the game installs.

“Out Of HTML5 Storage Space”

If MEGA won’t start the download. or you get this type of error, it is a very common and easy fix. When downloading through MEGA, make sure you use Google Chrome and install the MEGA extension which you can get here